Unlock the Secrets of a Property with a BoundaryWise Buyers Report – An Inspection of the Land

Unlock the Secrets of a Property with a BoundaryWise Buyers Report – An Inspection of the Land

Investing in a property is an important decision accompanied by risk. Before you sign the paperwork, it is important that you equip yourself with the right tools and information to minimize these risks. This is where the BoundaryWise Buyers Report from Protect Your Boundaries, comes into play.

A Home Inspection for your Land

The BoundaryWise Buyers Report is a deep dive into your land acquisition. Just as you would not buy a house without a proper home inspection, you should never purchase property without a land inspection. Our Buyers Reports bring attention to encumbrances on the land that could save you thousands of dollars down the line, bringing issues like title defects and easements into your considerations.

What you Should Look Out for When Buying a Property

A Buyer's Report acts as your gateway to unlocking critical information about the land you are contemplating for purchase. The most common property concerns we come across are:

  1. Easements
  2. Liens
  3. Execution Write

Our reports are prepared for your specific property, highlighting important details you need to know before making a purchase.

What's Included in Your Buyer's Report?

Parcel Register:

The is an official property document from the Province of Ontario. This document contains all the essential title information for your potential property, as well as the full legal description. This document is the foundation for understanding the legal status of the property you have set your sights on.

Easement Instruments:

If applicable, your Buyers Report will include Easement Instruments. If there are any easements on the property, you will receive official documents from the Province of Ontario describing these agreements. Your report will also include a plain English explanation of the easement(s), along with information on liens and encumbrances associated with the property.

Timely and Comprehensive Reporting

BoundaryWise Buyers Reports are time-efficient, requiring 1-3 business days to complete. This rapid turnaround ensures that you can make informed decisions swiftly, navigating the real estate market with confidence.

A Valuable Companion: PYB Official Guide

Your Buyers Report also comes complete with the Protect Your Boundaries (PYB) Official Guide to evaluating and researching a property. This guide offers insights and tips to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the property you are considering.

Purchasing a BoundaryWise Buyers Report

To purchase a Buyers Report for a property, type your address of interest into the search bar below. Proceed to the property page and scroll down to the Buyers Report option and add to your cart.

You can view a sample report: Here



Connect with Protect Your Boundaries

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With BoundaryWise Property Reports, you have all the information needed to protect your investment and secure your dream property in one, easy to understand document. Make your next property purchase a well-informed and confident endeavor with a BoundaryWise Buyers Report.