Buyer's Report

A comprehensive title, easement and ownership report written in plain English and supported by the official Ontario Land Registry documents for the property.

Looking to buy a property? 49% of residential properties in Ontario have hidden boundary issues and 99% of fences in the GTA are NOT on the property line. Make sure you do your research before you put a bid in with the help of the BoundaryWise Property Report.

The Buyer’s Report Includes:

  • Parcel register (official property document from Province of Ontario).
  • Easement Instruments (official documents from Province of Ontario).
  • Plain English explanation of easements, liens and encumbrances.
  • The PYB Official guide to evaluating and researching a property.
  • Report does NOT include a full survey (SRPR).
  • Optional: verify property area (square footage)
  • Reports will require 2-3 business days to complete

View sample package here.