The PYB Process™

Protect your boundaries, property rights, financial investment and long-term future with the PYB Process an-eight-step guide for dealing with boundary-related issues including disputes, home buying and selling challenges, and home renovation and new construction projects.

The PYB Process helps you identify potential boundary issues, assess your situation, obtain vital documents, understand land and legal issues, consider your options and recruit a professional team to help you remedy boundary problems and overcome property-related challenges. The PYB Process enables you to plan and decisively execute strategies that fit your particular situation and protect your property future with cost-effective proactive measures.

Step 1: Identify your issue

Identifying and assessing your boundary situation or issueranging from simple disputes to complicated real estate transactions is your first step toward finding a solution.

The first step in dealing with issues affecting your property is to create a well-documented description of your boundary situation or challenge, detailing all the necessary facts, along with a timeline that includes pertinent events, communications and interactions leading up to the present.

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Step 2: Get the documents

The documents and plans you need vary depending on your boundary issue some you can obtain yourself, but others require professional assistance.

Property ownership revolves around paper documents and having them in your possession is crucial to resolving boundary-related issues. Research and acquire all the official documents and survey plans relating to your property and your specific boundary challenge. They should describe precisely what you own and reveal any limitations about your property that may be important to your boundary issue or real estate transaction.

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Step 3: Understand your land

Learn to read and interpret your survey plan and related ownership documents. Understand precisely what you own, and exactly where your property boundaries are located.

Interpreting your survey plan and supporting documents enables you to understand your land and property rights and is crucial to resolving your particular boundary issue or property challenge. Vital information contained in these documents will enable you to act with confidence and certainty in a boundary dispute or land improvement project.

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Step 4: Learn the legal

Broaden your knowledge to understand the legal context of your boundary issue, your property rights and the property rights of others.

In this critical step, you will better comprehend your boundary issue in its legal context. You will learn about your property rights and those of your neighbours, and have a better sense of who has the law behind them.Your property rightsthe basics

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Step 5: Build your options

Develop and analyze your solution strategies while considering time constraints, budget pressures, and potential conflicts.

After researching your boundary issue, the next step is developing an informed plan of action. Consider your options carefully, especially taking into account the potential costs involved, the amount of time expended and the degree of emotional investment put toward pursuing a resolution.

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Step 6: Recruit your team

Understand the roles that expert professionals will play in dealing with your boundary issues and recruit them to assist you.

After reviewing your options, you may need to seek professional help or advice, depending on how youve chosen to move forward. Engaging people with expertise enables you to benefit from their highly specialized knowledge and experience accumulated from dealing with many similar situations.

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Step 7: Complete your plan

Finalize your plan, engage your team and execute your solution strategy.

This step involves transforming your intentions into substantive action. You may have already obtained proposals from various experts and contractors, and the next step is to hire the right people and put them to work to accomplish your goal.

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Step 8: Protect your future

Protect yourself from future boundary-related legal problems through legally supported proactive measures. Completing your plan and resolving your boundary-related issues calls for a celebration but protecting your boundaries, your financial investment and your long-term future is the final step in the PYB Process. Along the way you've learned to read and interpret your survey plan and related ownership documents. You understand precisely what you own, and exactly where your property boundaries are located and how to resolve the situation you first identified.

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