Can’t Find Your Survey Plan?

Need to quickly locate an existing survey plan for your property? You’ve tried searching our PYB digital library but one was not found for your address. Where else can you look?

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What we will do

We can help! Although our search engine did not find a survey plan for your property, it is still possible that one may exist. Simply give us the address of your property along with a brief description of how you intend to use the survey plan.

Our cadastral research team has access to external survey record sources beyond the PYB digital library and they will search these “surveyor-only” indexes as well as other sources to see if they can locate a plan.

We have a 65% success rate and the search is typically completed within 7 business days.

What you can expect

Our service fee is $95 (non-refundable), and is performed by one of our cadastral research specialists who have decades of experience in researching survey records.

Once our search is completed:

  • If a survey is found, we’ll provide you with the price of the plan and instructions on how to buy it. The plan price will be set by the survey record owner. (There is no obligation to purchase the survey plan.)
  • If a survey plan is not found, we’ll provide additional service options based on your intended use of the plan. We cannot guarantee that a survey plan will be found in the external records search as some properties have never had a survey done or else the existence of the plan has not been recorded anywhere.

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Disclaimer: Not every survey plan is appropriate for all intended uses. Existing survey plans are not an up-to-date survey and must not be represented to any user as necessarily representing current property conditions. A plan is a unique property map prepared at a specific time, for a specific purpose, current only to the date of the plan. PYB does not warrant the accuracy of the survey plan nor assume any liability for the use made of the plan by any party.