The PYB Process™ Step 7: Complete your plan

Finalize your plan, engage your team and execute your solution strategy.

This step involves transforming your intentions into substantive action. You may have already obtained proposals from various experts and contractors, and the next step is to hire the right people and put them to work to accomplish your goal.

A quick checklist for completing your plan may look something like this:

  •   Confirm that you have clearly identified and documented your particular issue.
  •   Ensure you have all of the necessary documents in your possession.
  •   Determine your goal and stay focused on the solution.
  •   Select the best option for resolving your issue or meeting your challenge.
  •   Research and engage your professional team, and work out contract details and budgets.
  •   Hire experts with specialized knowledge and experience related to your specific boundary or land issue.
  •   Set realistic deadlines and project milestones.
  •   Communicate your goals and timeline with your professional team.

Time is money, as the saying goes, and it is especially important to make best use of the time spent with your professional team. Being fully prepared with all the facts and necessary documents before meeting with professional specialists will save them time—and save you money.