The PYB Process™ Step 6: Recruit your team

Understand the roles that expert professionals will play in dealing with your boundary issues and recruit them to assist you.

After reviewing your options, you may need to seek professional help or advice, depending on how youve chosen to move forward. Engaging people with expertise enables you to benefit from their highly specialized knowledge and experience accumulated from dealing with many similar situations.

Below are some examples illustrating how different types of land professionals can provide assistance.

Boundary dispute

When disputing a boundary, professionals that can help you include:


A surveyor, applying extensive knowledge about boundaries and how to interpret them, will mark the boundary line on the ground and produce a land survey plan that documents his/her findings and opinion. A cost-effective alternative may be contacting the survey firm who did the original plan to return to the property and re-stake the boundaries. If you have a survey plan (from PYB or elsewhere), our Ontario Land Surveyors are available for a telephone consultation or an official written opinion, and can act as your expert witness in court.


A lawyer can write a letter outlining your position in a dispute or represent you in a boundary dispute with your neighbour. To minimize your expense, be prepared for what you want to discuss with the lawyer and have all the vital documents ready to share. Should you need to escalate the dispute further, your lawyer will assist you with developing your legal strategy.


  • Review the option strategy you have selected and select the professionals that can help you.