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The BoundaryWise Academy provides education and ongoing professional development top Realtors in Ontario. It arms them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to reduce and eliminate boundary, easement and title related risk in every sale and purchase.

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Power-up your skills, professionalism and career with the BoundaryWise Designation.

At Protect Your Boundaries we have dedicated ourselves to helping Ontario’s top agents and brokers drastically increase their knowledge and effectiveness at identifying and dealing with land, easement and boundary-related risks on both sides of the deal.

Sign-up, take the courses, pass the exams and become a BoundaryWise agent. It will make you stand out, be more competitive, close more listings and, above all, help you provide the industry’s highest level of care and protection when it comes to boundary, easement and title-related issues. Click here to learn more.

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Home Buyers and Home Sellers

In the Greater Toronto area alone, 49% of properties have significant hidden boundary issues. The single most common event that causes these issues to become disputes is the sale and purchase of the property.

You trust your transaction to your Realtor, but do they really know everything there is to know about land and boundary risks? If they have the BoundaryWise designation they are a cut above the rest. They have invested time and effort in learning how to truly protect you. They have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring your dream home doesn’t turn into a years-long legal and emotional nightmare. Find out more about why choosing a BoundaryWise Agent is the best decision you can make.

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