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The BoundaryWise Agent – What Home Buyers and Home Sellers Need to Know

The BoundaryWise Academy provides education and ongoing professional development top Realtors in Ontario. It arms them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to reduce and eliminate boundary, easement and title related risk in every sale and purchase.

Here are some facts that you probably haven’t heard before.

  1. In the Greater Toronto area alone, 49% of properties have significant hidden boundary issues. The single most common event that causes these issues to become disputes is the sale and purchase of the property.
  2. Real estate lawyers aren’t required to research these issues, relying instead on Title Insurance.
  3. However, 85% of these boundary issues are NOT covered by Title Insurance.
  4. Realtors are not trained on these aspects and have little knowledge of how to identify or deal with them.

This leaves you at risk when selling or buying your home. Who is there to protect you? If not the lawyer or Realtor, who then is managing these risks and helping you make sound, smart decisions?

Who We Are

This is where we come in. Protect Your Boundaries is the leading authority in property boundaries and boundary dispute resolution strategies. We are professional land surveyors with a deep understanding and appreciation for the real estate process, and the important role Realtors play in it.

Since 2014 we have trained and supported over 7000 of Ontario’s finest real estate agents to be better at protecting you – the home buyer and home seller.

What Kind of Risks are we Talking About?

OK, let’s get real here. We’re not talking about obscure, rarely heard of issues. Here are some examples of what we help your BoundaryWise Realtor protect you against. Home Sellers: Your BoundaryWise Agent knows how to:

  • Detect, validate and disclose easement on our property;
  • Identify and determine how to deal with neighbouring encroachments on your property;
  • Identify and determine how to deal with your encroachments on your neighbour’s property;
  • Disclose and deal with fence issues;
  • Build a risk-reducing listing;
  • Reduce the chance of trailing liability (you being chased after the sale closes by buyers, lawyers or title insurers).
  • Avoid putting you in a position where you have to reduce your price due to an undisclosed issue.

Home Buyers: Your BoundaryWise Agent knows how to:

  • Validate that the listing agent hasn’t failed to disclose any important land and boundary information on the listing.
  • Detect, evaluate and explain any easements on the property (read our Homeowner’s Guide to Easements here).
  • Detect and evaluate any major encroachments on the property line that would affect you.
  • Craft a bid (and bidding strategy) that maximizes your competitiveness and ensures you are getting maximum value for money.
  • Ensure that you won’t have any boundary-related surprises after you move in.
  • Ensure that the property will actually satisfy what it is you want to use it for.

The BoundaryWise Designation

The BoundaryWise designation is awarded to Realtors who have completed and graduated from the BoundaryWise education program.

A BoundaryWise agent has understood the boundary-, title- and easement risks that potentially exist with every property and how to detect them. They have been trained to evaluate their potential impact on your deal, and how to navigate next steps to ensure you don’t end up in a legal situation you are not expecting.