Fence / Boundary Stakeout

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Building a fence, shed, deck or other structure on your property? Or are you in a dispute with a neighbour over the location of the boundary that you share? When you need to know precisely where your boundary is located, get a fence/boundary stakeout.

What we will do

Our expert field technologists, working under the direct supervision of a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor (O.L.S.), will set marker stakes along the property line to establish the location of the boundary. You’ll be able to see where a fence should be built or show your neighbour exactly where the limit between your properties is located.

What you can expect

Our basic package provides you with the stakeout of a single property line (or "side") on a standard residential lot in the GTA.

What this package consists of:

  • Four to eight 18" iron spikes will be driven into the ground at regular intervals along the boundary line, including the front and rear property corner (as applicable).
  • Each spike will be marked with a wooden stake so that it is visible. Let us know if you want each stake brightly painted so that everyone can see their location, or if you’d like them to be discrete.

You may also see the field technologist taking photographs so that we can keep a legal record of the work that was done. Although you do not have to be home for our crews to perform their work, please make sure that they have access to the backyard.


How will your field crew determine where the boundary line is?

They will utilize specialized equipment and examine evidence of prior surveys that may have been done in the immediate neighbourhood to help determine the legal location of your property. They’ll set stakes at regular intervals along the boundary line, even between trees and bushes. Asphalt or concrete will be appropriately marked.

Is this all I need to erect a fence?

A survey stakeout shows your fencing company where the boundary is. You can place the fence along the boundary and have it jointly owned by your neighbour or place it entirely inside the boundary limit where it will be yours. For an additional fee, the field crew can set the stakes at offset points so that the stakes are not removed during the fence construction.

How do I use this service to solve my boundary dispute?

A boundary stakeout alone is rarely enough to help you resolve a boundary dispute. We strongly recommend that you upgrade the stakeout to include a sketch of that boundary. The sketch is a signed legal document that represents a licensed Ontario Land Surveyors' professional opinion as to the location of the boundary. As such, it is a valuable document for you as you work through the dispute. The combination of a current sketch of the boundary and the physical stakes showing where it is “on the ground” are your most comprehensive combination of tools to address your boundary dispute.

Disclaimer: The basic stakeout package includes marking one boundary only. We are not preparing a survey plan of your property or providing ongoing support services to assist in fence construction or resolve a neighbour conflict. We are not empowered to enforce the stakeout. A survey plan represents the professional opinion of the O.L.S. as to the location of the boundary. Only a Court of Law or Boundaries Act Hearing can confirm the boundary location through adjudication.