Why doesn't lawyer want to see a survey in the real estate deal?

Video transcription

We at the BoundaryWise Academy and Protect Your Boundaries, know that title insurance is an exceptional product, a great insurance product that protects lenders and lawyers and homeowners in valued ways.

The other thing that I want you to take home out of this is that real estate lawyers are not trying to be nefarious or lazy or any of those other things that they sometimes get accused of when it comes to this whole conversation around title insurance. 

The simple answer to the question of, why doesn't the lawyer want to see a survey plan? The simple answer is this. It's because some boundary and title issues that a survey might reveal are not covered by title insurance if you knew about them before closing. Simple as that. If you know about something that would have been covered by title insurance prior to closing, then that item, that defect, that issue, will now no longer be covered by title insurance. 

All the lawyer's trying to do is protect the title insurance policy. Protect the integrity of the title insurance policy so that your client, when they move in, if something comes up that would be covered by title insurance, that it is covered by the policy that they are free and clear with no encumbrances to be able to make that claim.