The Easement Report: The Easy Way to Prevent Property Conflicts

The Easement Report: The Easy Way to Prevent Property Conflicts

Have you ever wondered about the legal rights surrounding your property? An easement is a non-possessory right to use and/or enter onto another property. This can have a profound impact on property rights and how you can use the land. For this reason, Protect Your Boundaries has created the BoundaryWise Easement Report, the most comprehensive tool for homeowners to investigate easements on a property and better understand them.

A Home Inspection for your Land

The BoundaryWise Easement Report is a closer look at your land. Just as you would not buy a house without a proper home inspection, you should never purchase property without a land inspection. Our Easement Reports bring attention to encumbrances on the land that could save you thousands of dollars down the line, bringing easements and potential property issues to the front of the conversation.

Understanding Easements:

Easements grant individuals or entities specific rights to use a portion of someone else's property. If your property is subject to an easement, it's crucial to understand the implications for your rights and restrictions. In some cases, easements may provide benefits to other properties or parties, or even grant you access rights over neighboring properties.

What is included in your BoundaryWise Easement Report?

Parcel Register:

The official property document from the Province of Ontario, the Parcel Register contains all title information for your property and a full-length legal description.

Easement Instruments:

You will receive official documents from the Province of Ontario describing the easement agreements on your property of interest.

Plain English Explanation:

One of the most valuable aspects of the BoundaryWise Easement Report is its Plain English explanation of easements, along with any liens and encumbrances related to the property. This feature ensures that you can understand the legal jargon in a clear and straightforward manner.

Timely and Comprehensive Reporting

BoundaryWise Easement Reports are time-efficient, requiring 1-3 business days to complete. This rapid turnaround ensures that you can make informed decisions swiftly, navigating the real estate market with confidence.

A Valuable Companion: PYB Official Guide

Your Easement Report also comes complete with the Protect Your Boundaries (PYB) Official Guide to evaluating and researching a property. This guide offers insights and tips to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the property you are considering.

Purchasing a BoundaryWise Easement Report

To purchase an Easement Report, type your address of interest into the search bar below. Proceed to the property page and scroll down to the Easement Report option and add to your cart.

Connect with Protect Your Boundaries

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With BoundaryWise Property Reports, you have all the information needed to protect your investment and secure your dream property all in one, easy to understand document. Make your next property purchase or home renovation a well-informed and confident endeavor with a BoundaryWise Easement Report.