Should I review the property survey plan before buying a house?

It is always wise to examine a survey plan when buying a house as part of your research and due diligence process. A survey plan is an accurate graphic representation of the size and extent of the property. It will provide information regarding the location of structures on the property, fences, encroachments and easements (if any). It will also reveal any title or boundary issues that have the potential to escalate into problems. A new survey plan is the most advisable option; however, an existing plan may also deliver the essential information you need for your real estate transaction. Be sure to review the survey plan with your lawyer and realtor before making a final decision to purchase the property.  Please remember that an older survey plan is a snapshot of the property at that time and may not be an accurate reflection of what exists on the property  today. If you are unsure, consider consulting a surveyor or commissioning a new survey.