Can I sell a portion of my land?

A: Just as municipal zoning by-laws and land-use plans regulate what can be built and where, municipalities also regulate how and when portions of your land can be sold. Most Ontario municipalities today require land severance approval with regard to any change to existing property boundaries, and a “consent to sever” is required if you intend to sell, mortgage, charge or enter into any agreement regarding the severed property for at least 21 years. A consent includes registration of proposed rights of way, easements and changes to existing property boundaries, but consent is not required if the property is already divided by a public road, railway or navigable waterway. Obtaining consent requires applying to your local municipality’s Land Division Committee, Committee of Adjustment, or equivalent. Urban landowners sometimes consider selling an excess portion of land to a neighbour or developer. However, new building lots must comply with the minimum restrictions on lot dimensions. A new reference plan showing the new configuration of the land will be required. Learn more.