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Boundary Boss Blog

Is designed to facilitate communication between the Protect Your Boundaries team of land survey experts, and real estate professionals across the GTA. Its main purpose is twofold: first, to create a forum that provides the critical information, analysis, and opinion, that agents need to protect their interests, and better serve their clients; and second, to establish a medium that invites and encourages realtors and brokers to share their knowledge and unique experiences with us. So, follow our blog, and stay on top of the latest news, trends, and insights pertaining to residential property and land surveying issues in the GTA.

2015/02/10 - Welcome to the New Boundary Reality…and the BoundaryBoss blog.

2015/03/13 - Adverse Possession (squatter’s rights) – Viable strategy or a thing of the past?

2015/04/21 - Are Survey Plans Obsolete or The Most Important Document in the Transaction? Bob Aaron speaks.

2015/08/26 - Easements Can Impact The Real Estate Transaction