Best surveyor in Toronto

Hi Dan;

The best surveyor in Toronto. Good question, however the answer is highly subjective. It depends on the nature of your project and what your needs and sensibilities are. What's most important to you will determine which surveyor is best for the job. Here are six key factors that differentiate one surveyor from the next. Hopefully these will give you a sense of the types of questions to ask when you do your research.

There are six main factors that differentiate one surveyor firm from another.

1. Specialization: What type of work does the firm specialize in? Residential construction (subdivision planning), residential surveying, commercial building surveying, and condominium surveying are just some types of surveying that a survey firm may specialize in.

2. Geography: Where does the survey firm conduct most of its work? A survey firm that has experience in your area (access to historical research records as well as having done projects locally) has an advantage over an out-of-town survey firm working in your area for the first time. 

3. Years in Business: The longer a survey firm has been in business, the more experience they have and the more projects they will have performed. This can translate into a lower likelihood of errors and project timing extensions.

4. Staffing and Workload: How many Ontario Land Surveyors does the firm have? How many field crews? Can they get your project done in the timeframe you need it?

5. Market Position: What does the survey firm promote? Bare-bones service for the lowest price? Or high-end service and quality for a higher price? 

6. Track Record & Reputation: Does the survey firm deliver on the expectations it sets with its clients? Weather and other factors can threaten a project's schedule. Does the survey firm have a good track record of meeting customer expectations in spite of these factors?

I hope this helps.

The Protect Your Boundaries Team