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Protect Your Boundaries Radio Ads

In March 2017 Protect Your Boundaries launched its first series of radio ads on local AM stations in the Greater Toronto Area. You might have heard them on NewsTalk 1010, 680 News, 590 The Fan and TSN 1050.

Every day we receive calls from distraught homeowners looking for help in dealing with a property boundary issue with their neighbour. We’re not surprised, but you might be to know that 49% of residential properties in the GTA have one or more “hidden boundary issues” that can flare up into boundary disputes.

Our four ads represent distinct situations homeowners find themselves in: they bought a house only to find out their neighbour is demanding that a fence/deck/shed/driveway be moved. Or they build something in the back yard like a fence or a patio without checking the boundaries first, only to find out they have to move it. And of course the mega mansion that’s being built next door!

We hope you enjoy them, and if you need any help, please call us. We’re here to help.

Elderly Couple Under Siege

Summer BBQ Gone Bad

Mega Mansion Next Door (get off my begonias!)

Dream Home to Boundary Nightmare