(1222) - The Surveyor's Bar


Every Ontario Land Surveyor(OLS) is assigned an official identification number by The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) when they are commissioned as licensed land surveyors. This surveyor identification ID number is imprinted on the surveyor“ s official seal and all of their iron survey bars. A homeowner or other land surveyor may contact the AOLS to identify the specific OLS that surveyed the property based on the ID number shown on the survey iron bar. Newly planted iron bars shown ""_"" are set by the firm doing the survey in this case ""Krcmar Surveyors Ltd."". The number ""1370"" can be found on the bar that was set in teh ground. Found iron bars shown ""_"" were set by the firm noted. In this case 1222 is by C.E. Dotterill O.L.S. Sometimes the origin of a bar is unknown but the bar will be accepted as valid evidence.


To identify and credit the survey firm or surveyor responsible for setting/planting the monument to facilitate further boundary research and collection of documentary evidence.

Why is this important?

Property owner can look for surveyor's ID number on the side-face of the iron bar near its top and, through the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, identify the name of the land surveyor who set the iron bar in the ground.