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The BoundaryWise Academy

The BoundaryWise Academy provides education and ongoing professional development top Realtors in Ontario. It arms them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to reduce and eliminate boundary, easement and title related risk in every sale and purchase.

A message from Chris Kamarianakis, CEO of Protect Your Boundaries.

“Welcome to the BoundaryWise Academy! Over the past five years we have taught and supported over 7000 of Ontario’s finest real estate professionals in their quest to be consummate professionals, provide unparalleled service to their clients, and build enduring, resilient careers. The BoundaryWise Designation that you will earn in this program is more than just another certificate. It’s a promise to your clients that you have gone the extra mile to protect them from boundary, easement and title risks inherent in every deal – risks that most aren’t taught about or aware of. It’s a bold statement of your commitment to deliver more than you promise, with me and the PYB team there every step of the way to support you and help you in your quest. So, join us, and take your place in the Top 5%!”

Want to know more? Download the BoundaryWise Brochure here.

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Step 1: Take the BoundaryWise Courses

To become a BoundaryWise Agent you must first enrol in and complete the online education program. The eight courses (see course outline here), quizzes and exams take between 8 and 10 hours to complete, and you can do them at your own pace. The content is all video based, with course outlines and summary notes that you can use afterwards. The content is all practical and designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Don’t be fooled, the exams are tough, and you have to get 80% to pass!

Cost: SPECIAL TIME LIMITED INTRODUCTORY PRICE $350. Includes 1st year of maintenance (see below, valued at $100)


Step 2: Graduate and Get the BoundaryWise Designation

Upon passing the exams you now graduate! Here’s what happens next.

We send you a graduation package that includes:

  • A Certificate of Graduation.
  • BoundaryWise Brochures for your clients (explaining to them why this makes you better)
  • Your BoundaryWise lapel pin – wear it with pride!
  • 6 oversized BoundaryWise stickers for your “For Sale” signs.
  • The BoundaryWise Digital & Print image pack – logos for your cards, materials and web site.
  • Entry into our consumer-facing directory of BoundaryWise Agents.
  • Some special gifts that we’d like to surprise you with!

Step 3: Ongoing Annual Maintenance

You will maintain your status and designation annually with an annual fee of $100. Your Year 1 fee is included in your special introductory registration fee above!

This membership will give you a host of incredible value:

  • 1 Year of hotline and email support from the PYB team of boundary experts. Only BoundaryWise grads get this!
  • 15% Discount on all Buyer’s, Seller’s and Easement Reports.
  • Your personal branding on all Buyer’s, Seller’s and Easement Reports.
  • Continued access to the course videos, summary sheets and other course material for your reference.
  • Access to new courses that you can take to upgrade your knowledge and skills.
  • BoundaryWise blog, articles and other learning materials.
  • Promotion of your listings in the BoundaryWise Listings Directory (with excellent Google organic search placement)

Step 4: Grow Your Business

We invest heavily in radio, print and online ads. Our social media presence is substantial. All of these investments are aimed at informing the general public to ALWAYS choose a BoundaryWise agent when buying or selling their home.

We aim to not just help you do safer, better deals, but to also grow your business!