Identifies the type of survey plan prepared by the Ontario Land Surveyor. A “ Surveyor's Real Property Report" (SRPR), is a legal document typically used for real estate transactions, mortgage financing or municipal zoning by-law compliance. It illustrates the licensed surveyor“ s legal opinion of the location of the property lines and their relationship to surrounding structures or fences. In the past, this type of plan has also been called a “ title survey“ , “ mortgage survey“ , “ building location survey“ or an “ as-built survey“ . You will recognize older existing legal boundary surveys by this terminology.


Surveyor's Real Property Reports (SRPR) are the most commonly prepared and used survey plan types for residential matters as they show structures and their relationship to boundaries and fences, if any.

Why is this important?

Understanding the characteristics of each plan type will help you select the right plan to address the specific challenge you face. A survey plan may have been requested by the bank for a new mortgage, and an existing plan may be acceptable providing that it is not too old and that is still shows the same building.