Reports Parts 1 and 2


The "Surveyor's Real Property Report", by government regulation, consists of two distinct components. Firstly, the survey plan itself with title “ PART 1, PLAN OF“ , which is the visual representation of boundaries and various physical property features. Secondly, "PART 2, SURVEY REPORT" is the written surveyor's findings on important property issues relevant to lawyers and owners. This may include highlighting significant encroachments of driveways, retaining walls, fences or other structures over the property lines, problems with legal descriptions and pointing out the existence of any registered and unregistered easements, utility lines or right-of-ways affecting surveyed property.


In addition to the visual representation, the short, written interpretations and opinions of the licensed surveyor assist those using the survey plan to relate its findings to their situation.

Why is this important?

The surveyor's comments, either on the plan or on a separate document, can be invaluable in interpreting the plan for your task at hand. This report also clarifies that it does not confirm compliance with municipal zoning by-law requirements.