PIN - Property Identification Number


Every Ontario property has been assigned a unique 9-digit electronic identification number (“ Property Identification Number“ or “ PIN“ as abbreviated) for unique numerical indexing of legal description-based property identification. The three components of a PIN, for example for PIN 10126 - 0418(LT) include: 10126 [the "Block Identifier" - referencing the Teranet "Block" Map within which the parcel of land lies]; - 0418 ["Parcel Identifier" - unique number assigned to each individual property within the Teranet "Block" Map]; (LT) [denotes the applicable Act (ie. Land Titles Act)]. This PIN system was initiated as part of the provincial government's electronic automation initiative that created Teranet. By regulation, PIN numbers are researched and shown on every legal plan for subject and adjoining properties (e.g. PIN 10126“ 0418(LT)). Caution: a PIN number is subject to change when a parcel of land is subdivided or severed.


Uniquely identifies this property, for land registry index purposes.

Why is this important?

The Property Identification Number or PIN is another way to identify and describe a property. It is the identification element that allows checking of land ownership, easements and mortgage information burdening the property.