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Introducing Protect Your Boundaries PRO, the first research tool of its kind for Land Professionals. We’ve removed the obstacles and combined your critical documents into one, easy to use hub.

One Screen. One Cart. One Download.

Simply enter an address and we’ll show you what's available from Teranet, LSR and Protect Your Boundaries survey database. You’ll get immediate, blazing fast access to the documents you need:

  • Registry Documents
  • Registered Plans
  • Survey Plans
  • Reports & Certificates
  • Specialized Land & Title services

All of the essential and critical land information to be able to make better decisions...Faster. Welcome to Protect Your Boundaries PRO!

Our PRO Services

  • Parcel Registers/PINS
  • Instruments
  • Reference Plans
  • Registered Plans
  • Survey Plans
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Land Area Certificates
  • First App Reviews
  • Easement Reports
  • Buyer Reports
  • Seller Reports