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Buying, Selling, building or in a dispute, this is your one-stop resource centre for all things boundary-related.

Choose a BoundaryWise™ Agent

Buying or selling your property is a massive undertaking. Make sure you’ve fully protected your interests by selecting an accredited BoundaryWise agent who covers all the boundary and title-related risks. Find a Certified BoundaryWise Agent here.

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Get a New Survey

Do you need a new survey plan of your property? Your best option is to commission a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR). The SRPR provides a plan of your property based on current title information and a fully researched assessment of your property limits.

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Get a Boundary Stakeout

Building a fence, shed, deck or other structure on your property? Or are you in a dispute with a neighbour over the location of the boundary that you share? When you need to know precisely where your boundary is located, get a fence/boundary stakeout.

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Talk to a Surveyor

Do you have questions about your property’s survey plan? Or are you in a boundary dispute with a neighbour and need guidance from an Ontario Land Surveyor? PYB’s Talk to a Surveyor service gives you fast access to land information experts who can help.

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