In the GTA, there are three main historic baseline streets that appear in abbreviated form on some plans: Yonge Street, Dundas Street, and Hurontario Street. Reference is made to whether the land is "East", "West", "North", or "South" of the baseline street. Abbreviations are as follows: EYS - East of Yonge Street; WYS - West of Yonge Street, NDS - North of Dundas Street; SDS South of Dundas Street, EHS - East of Hurontario Street; WHS - West of Hurontario Street These abbreviations are also used in various land registry office documents for convenience.


A locational designator referring to a baseline street used to differentiate similarly numbered but geographically different township lots.

Why is this important?

Part of the legal description of land to be used by your team of professionals. It also tells you the general location of the property.