Are the lines on the general map accurate? I paid and received my old survey, I see the lines all around my house, but when i search for my address on the main page it shows me all the houses around me as well and an pretty precise property line around...

... them. One of my side property lines ( fence lines ) the ones running down the side of the house connects to my Back neighbors fence and that same line continues to the side of my back neighbors fence to the font of his house. but in real life my fence does not continue the same line in fact it seems like we are half a fence short. Could it be possible that over the years who ever put up the new fence must of not had a report? Are the lines you see when searching a property on the home page accurate? are does the exact lines of the property? On the survey i received i only have 3 houses shows mine and i neighbors. but i don't see the lines on the back side of the house where i also have connecting neighbors

Hello Andy;

Thanks for your question. The lot lines shown on our map are accurate in their dimensions and shapes. That data comes from Teranet and the Ministry of Government Services and is the official parcel fabric data. However, it is overlaid on top of a google map which is not nearly as accurate in its placement relative to the lot line data. Therefore you cannot look at the combination of the two and comment on whether a physical feature in the Google satellite view (like a fence or a shed) is encroaching on your property.

The survey plan you bought shows the original building (as of the date on the survey) and the dimensions of the lot. It also shows the ties (measurements) from the corners of the building to the property line. As a rough approximation you can measure out these ties and see where the property line is. This will let you determine, at least as an estimate, whether or not the fence is on the property line or crossing over it. 

If this is an issue with your neighbour, your next step is to consult a surveyor who can either prepare a brand new survey for you showing the property and its features as they are today, or do a boundary stakeout for you where they will place survey pins along the boundary in question, giving you physical evidence "on the ground" as to where the property line is.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards;