Products and Services Available to Real Estate Agents

Products and Services Available to Real Estate Agents

There are dozens of moving pieces that need to align when dealing with a house sale. A lot of time and money goes into finding people the place they call home. Protect Your Boundaries offers products and services that aid in these transactions to ensure both the agent and buyer/seller are protected. Although we are surveyors at heart, we offer a group of comprehensive products that showcase our expertise from the ground up



Our newest venture (currently in the pilot phase) involves the launch of listings. We have already created property pages for over 5 million properties in the GTA. These are webpages, accessible by simply typing an address into Google or via our website, that outline all the Easements, Surveys, and reports available for that property.  Now that we are partnering with agents, we are able to display the houses that are for sale, all while still offering them vital land information. In turn this results in better quality leads for the agent, and a more comprehensive experience for the user.



Buying or selling a house is much more than the features of the building. Hidden boundary, title or easement issues could lead to: bad client reviews, loss of transaction or even a lawsuit. Realizing the limited and varying educational options available to agents, we decided to create a program and equip realtors with the tools to be able to identify: a survey you can accept, know what title insurance actually covers, how to investigate easements on a property, and many more that tie directly into the success of the sale.

Available Courses:

1)      Surviving the New Boundary Reality

2)      How to Read and Use a Survey Plan

3)      The A-Z of Title Insurance

4)      The Realtors Guide to Boundary Disputes

5)      Easements & Right of Ways

6)      Deciphering the Legal Description

If you and your brokerage are interested, please contact to schedule a seminar.


Land Surveys

Land surveys are one of the most important documents you will need for any land transaction. They document the actual perimeter/boundaries of the lot, portraying what is included and will be owned in the sale. The land survey is a legal document that will allow you to be 100% certain where your property starts and ends, protecting yourself and your investment. A study done by Protect Your Boundaries and Krcmar Surveyors indicated that 49% of the homes in the GTA have a boundary issue. This is largely due to the fact that a survey was not included or purchased at the time of possession, thus leaving it up to guesswork.

Why should you, the agent, care about a survey?  

Buying side: you are representing the buyer and they are trusting you to help them find their home. Knowing the actual property size and boundaries is key information to ensure they would be able to use the land how they intended.

Listing side: it is important to ensure you are representing the actual property for sale. If the new owners get a survey and find out that the shed and part of the pool for example are not actually on their property they could sue for misrepresentation (there are dozens of other examples, all resulting in a lawsuit)


Property Report

Whether you are on the buying or listing side, we recommend encouraging your client to get the Boundarywise Property Report. This is an economical booklet we put together providing important legal information for the property, which again serves to protect the transaction and provide information such as: PIN, Legal description, Current owners, lot dimensions, any transactions affecting the property and more. This due diligence serves as a shield against misrepresentation, along with demonstrating a confident sale.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on offering an exception customer service team. We have dealt with an enormous collection of calls and situations over the years, and are more than happy to talk you through yours and confirm what steps, or documents you will need to help your client. Sometimes it is as simple as directing them to our website, and others it involves contracting a new survey to be done, but either way we will inform you of your options.

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