Flower bed


Thanks for your question.

First of all, planting a flower bed on your side of the property line is an encroachment and each time your neighbour comes onto your property to tend the bed they are trespassing on your property. You are within your rights to ask your neighbour to remove the flower bed from your property and restore whatever was there before. 

You have two avenues for resolution in this case: sort it out with your neighbour yourself, or hire a lawyer and take legal action. The latter will likely cost much more than the value of the flower bed, so in this case you may choose to reason with the neighbour.

As far as future problems are concerned, it may only surface as a problem when you come to sell your house. Selling a house with a blatant encroachment can raise red flags with buyers. Again, though, it's a flower bed, not a brick garage, so the impact may not be significant.

The Protect Your Boundaries Team