Calculating Frontage with Curve I have a property that is on a corner and am trying to calculate my frontage. On my survey I have 12.41M marked as the part of my frontage that is a straight line, and then the rest of the property continues into a slow...

...curve up the adjoining street. Measurements for the curve are: R = 14.7, A = 22.70, C = 20.51 - do I add one of those to my 12.41M? Thank you

Good morning;

R = Radius of the curve segment, A=length of the arc of the curve segment, C= Chord of the curve segment (the straight distance between the two ends of the arc).

If you are looking for the length of the curved segment, then the Arc (A value) is the one that you would use and would add it to the length of the straight segments.

You said in your email that you are looking to calculate "frontage". If it's the length of your boundary that abuts city land (the street) that you are looking for then this is the way you would do it. However, the term "frontage" actually refers to a calculated value that is not necessarily the length of the street line, and is used by municipalities to calculate property taxes and maximum allowable building sized amongst other things. So if the City has asked you for your frontage as part of a permit application, you may want to confirm with them which measurement they want.

I hope this helps.


The Protect Your Boundaries Team