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This is a collection of answers to questions about property boundaries, land surveys, and property owner rights submitted by people like you.

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Where is my property Boundary?


A: A boundary is an invisible line that marks the end of one property and the beginning of the next. Only a survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor can show you exactly where your property boundaries are located. The surveyor ascertains the property boundaries using evidence of prior surveys, older authoritative plans and the legal descriptions of pertinent parcels of land, in conjunction with on-site measuring to formulate an opinion of the location of the boundaries. (Note: physical features that exist in proximity to a boundary, such as fences, hedges, tree rows or other man-made objects should not be assumed to mark the boundary line). To understand your survey plan and learn how to apply it to your property, please see How to Read a Survey Plan. You can also arrange to have a survey crew come to your house to stake out your property line.