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This is a collection of answers to questions about property boundaries, land surveys, and property owner rights submitted by people like you.

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How can I stop my neighbour from trespassing on my land?


A: Many trespassing or property encroachment situations are simply a case of a neighbour being unaware or unconcerned about the location of property boundaries. Before speaking to your neighbour about the situation, ensure that you know exactly where your boundaries are located. Do not assume that a fence line, swale or ditch, hedgerow or tree marks the boundary between your properties. Only a survey plan, or a surveyor's field stakeout, is authoritative evidence of the location of the boundary.

If the trespassing neighbour refuses to accept your property survey plan or claims that the plan misinterprets the true boundary, then it may be time to consult a lawyer. Be aware that your local municipality will not get involved in boundary disputes, as they consider such disputes to be a civil matter. However, it is important to act decisively to defend your property rights or else the trespassing neighbour may eventually acquire a real or perceived possessory interest over part of your land.