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This is a collection of answers to questions about property boundaries, land surveys, and property owner rights submitted by people like you.

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I have an old survey that I want to update, but I can't locate the original surveyor. Can it be updated by another surveyor?

Does a survey plan expire after a period of time?

Are your surveys "stamped"? I'm required by Toronto Building to provide a "stamped" survey. Are your surveys "stamped"? My address is [removed for privacy]. I'm applying to have my...

September 2017

What is an encroachment?

Best surveyor in Toronto Hi; I live in Toronto and want to select the best surveyor or survey firm to map out my house extension. I've tried internet searches but there's not...

January 2016

Viewing Survey's Online I understand the reason for showing low rez images of the Surveys for sale however; there is a wide variation in cost in the 8 available on line, and I...

December 2015

Survey Iron Bars I recently had a survey done and I came home to find that my neighbour's landscapers had dug up the old driveway to install a new one. The boundary bar...

November 2015

What are the black and white boxes on survey plan? Greetings. I recently got a survey plan with the new house I bought and I wanted to understand it better. What are the little squares at the corners...

October 2015

Why does it take so long to do a survey?

October 2015

How long does a survey take?

October 2015