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Where is the Boundary on a Survey Plan?

What are some different types of survey plans and why they are different?

What is a Survey Plan and Why Is it Important for a Real Estate Deal?

Should I review the property survey plan before buying a house?

I have an old survey that I want to update, but I can't locate the original surveyor. Can it be updated by another surveyor?

Does a survey plan expire after a period of time?

How far from my property boundaries am I required to site a backyard shed or a pool?

I’m building a house on a parcel of land that has many trees. What do I need to know?

February 2018

Can my neighbor and I simply agree on the location of the boundary?

I know my property has a boundary issue, but I plan to sell the house next year. Why should I solve this boundary issue when it will soon no longer be my problem?