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Do you have questions about your property’s survey plan? Or are you in a boundary dispute with a neighbour and need guidance from an Ontario Land Surveyor? PYB’s Talk to a Surveyor service gives you fast access to land information experts who can help.

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What we will do

Our team of licensed Ontario Land Surveyors (O.L.S.) are available to speak with you when it fits your schedule. Send us a copy of your survey plan and outline any issues or questions you’d like to discuss prior to your appointment. An O.L.S. will review the documents in detail to understand how the information impacts your situation. They’ll also identify any potential boundary and title problems that existed as of the date of the survey and highlight important facts that you should be aware of.

What you can expect

Book a consultation with an O.L.S. starting at $450 per 1 hour session:

  • Pick a date and time that works for you.
  • Send us your survey plan and a list of issues and questions you’d like to discuss prior to the session. Include any documents and photos that you think will help us understand your situation better.
  • Once we receive all the required information, we'll be ready to call you at the contact number that you provide at the scheduled appointment time.

If you prefer to schedule an in-person consultation at our office, just let us know.

If you wish to discuss a boundary dispute issue, please book at minimum a 60-minute session.

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