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New Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR)

Do you need a new survey plan of your property? Your best option is to commission a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR). The SRPR provides a plan of your property based on current title information and a fully researched assessment of your property limits.

Some reasons you may need an SRPR:

  • Getting a building permit - the City may have asked you to submit a plan.
  • Buying or selling a house - it's a vital tool for your research and due diligence.
  • Resolving a boundary dispute - you need a survey plan to resolve a dispute with your neighbour.
  • Resolving title issues - your lawyer or title insurance company needs a survey plan to resolve a title issue.

We currently offer this service for the Greater Toronto Area.

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What we will do

We’ll perform a comprehensive land survey and provide you with a current, certified survey plan (SRPR) of your property—quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

The plan will illustrate the boundaries, fence locations, buildings and structures, and features in close proximity to the boundary. The plan will also show applicable title information such as any easements and right-of-ways, plus actual frontages and setbacks (to compare with the zoning requirements).

You'll have an authoritative document that is relied upon by lawyers, banks and other agencies.

Our five-step process includes:

  1. Comprehensive legal research of the property;
  2. On-site field work;
  3. In-office plan creation;
  4. Documentation of comments and opinions;
  5. Quality control and certification.
A standard SRPR does not include topographic information. See the option below to add this to your package if required.

What you can expect

Our basic package starts at $2499 and is performed and guaranteed by one of Ontario's trusted professional land survey firms.

What this package consists of:

  • We will conduct extensive research of existing, historical plans and documents relating to your property and the location of its boundaries.
  • A survey crew will determine the location of the boundaries "on the ground", identify the location of key structures on your land relative to the boundary, and note any features on or near the boundaries.
  • The survey crew will set two official survey monuments (iron bars) at the front corners of your property (in accordance with survey standards).
  • You’ll receive the SRPR as an electronic file (in PDF format), complete with comments and professional opinion from an Ontario Land Surveyor.
  • Six signed and sealed hard copies will also be mailed to you for your records.

You do not need to be at home for the field crew to perform the field work. We do not go inside your home (unless measuring a shared interior wall). Please ensure we have access to the yards, that dogs are indoors, and consider advising your neighbours because we may need to access their property.

Additional things you may need us to do:

We offer the following additional services to supplement the base SRPR:

  • Set survey monuments at the back corners of property.   more  less

    Standard practice in residential property surveying is to set monuments (iron bars) at the two front corners of a property. Should you require monuments set at the rear as well please select this option on the order form.

  • Mark a boundary with visible stakes for fencing, shed location, landscaping etc.   more  less

    Visibly marking the boundary is not included in the standard SRPR. If this is required, it is most cost effective to have it done at the same time that the crew is on site taking measurements for the SRPR. They'll set stakes or pins/spikes at regular intervals along the boundary.

  • Speak with a surveyor for a session explaining the survey plan.   more  less

    If you have any questions about your new SRPR and would like to discuss it with a licensed surveyor, we'd be happy to coordinate that for you.

  • Topographic information/roof height for grading or site development.   more  less

    Your architect, planner or City building department may ask for topographic information (usually if you are building an addition or making a substantial change to the property). Be specific about the topography details that your project requires so that we can add this information onto your SRPR.

  • Underground utility locates (by subcontractor) to be shown on the plan.   more  less

    Underground utility locations are not a standard requirement but can be shown on the plan for an additional fee.

Please let us know if you require any of these additional services at the time of order.

Special Note: If you have an existing survey plan and wish to have it updated, we recommend you first contact the survey firm that originally performed your survey as they are obligated to maintain the original survey field notes. You can find their contact information on your survey plan. Of course, if this is not a viable solution for you, we'd be happy to assist.