Land Area Certificate

Land Area Certificate Starting from $450.00

Quick Overview

An official certificate confirming the area of a property. A recent survey plan must be provided.


PYB’s Land Area Certificate is a confirmation of the exact area of your property, calculated by an Ontario Land Surveyor from an existing legal survey plan.

The Land Area Certificate is a vital document for resolving certain property-related issues, especially when appealing your property taxes on the basis of a miscalculation of land area by your municipality. The certificate is also useful when dealing with the Committee of Adjustment or local building department.

Land area is calculated using bearing and distance information recorded on an existing survey plan. An Ontario Land Surveyor will use your existing survey plan to calculate the exact area and provide that calculation in metric (metres squared and hectares) and Imperial (feet squared and acres) scales.

Disclaimer/warning: The area calculation provided by PYB is based solely on the information on the survey plan you provide us. No additional investigation or research is conducted to determine land area, other than information derived from the survey plan provided. Protect Your Boundaries and its affiliates accept no liability for damages arising from errors or oversights on the original survey plan provided. Protect Your Boundaries reserves the right, upon inspection of the survey plan you provide, to not perform the calculation nor to create the Land Area Certificate and instead refund your purchase price in full.

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