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Fence/boundary stakeout

Building a fence? Book a survey crew to stake out one or more boundary lines on your property. Available in the Greater Toronto Area only.

As of May 2020, Stakeouts are only available as part of a new survey (SRPR). Please contact our team if you have additional questions.

Starting at $1,500.00, a stakeout service is quoted by our team of experts to make sure you get the right information for the task at hand.

A boundary stakeout is an official marking of the property line done by a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS). Many factors can influence the time and complexity of a boundary stakeout, so it’s necessary for you to speak to our team to get an accurate quote.

When contacting us for a quote, here are some of the basic questions we will ask:
  • How many sides of the property need to be staked out? (Additional sides are a cost of $350)
  • What is your lot size? (base price includes up to 5000 sq. ft.)
  • Is a “sketch” required? ($950)
  • Do you have a legible copy of an existing land survey? (If not, an additional cost of $350)

Please contact our customer service department by email ( or phone (1-877-392-2662) to start the process of a detailed quote or to discuss other products that may help you solve the problems you’re facing.