CAD version of a Survey Plan

CAD version of a Survey Plan Starting from $ 0.00

Quick Overview

Have PYB’s experts locate the CAD version of your survey plan and quote you on the cost to purchase it.


Printed copies of your property survey plan are often required with legal paperwork and building permit applications, but digital versions created by CAD (computer-aided design) software programs are essential when involving architects, engineers and other design professionals.

The majority of survey plans created since 1996 are available in digital CAD format. Most of these files reside with the original surveyor who conducted the survey and created the file.

PYB may be able to track down your survey CAD file and arrange to have it purchased and delivered to you (in .dwg or .dxf file format requiring AutoCAD or similar software for access). Please be sure to specify your preferred digital format (e.g. AutoCAD 2015, AutoCAD 2010 etc.).

If you would like us to attempt to locate a CAD version of your survey plan, please provide us with the property address in question and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote based on our initial investigation.

Please note that CAD versions of survey plans typically cost between $250 and $750. Their price and release is at the sole discretion of the plan owner.

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