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Where is the Boundary on a Survey Plan?

How has the lawyers job changed with the Introduction of Title Insurance?

What are some different types of survey plans and why they are different?

What to do if your client asks if they can claim Adverse Possession?

The condo my client purchased is 350 square feet, but upon measuring it, it is only 290 square feet, was this misrepresented?

What is a Survey Plan and Why Is it Important for a Real Estate Deal?

What does the difference between a condos useable area vs saleable area mean to me and my client?

Should I review the property survey plan before buying a house?

My neighbor is adding an addition and building right on our property line. He is digging up 3 to 6 inches of my property for his foundation excavation. What are my rights?

Semi-detached homes in Toronto. Can your neighbour build a 2-story back extension on the property line? Any boundary restrictions? The area in question is Woodbine/ Danforth -- above the Danforth, on a side street near Woodbine. ...