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Insights, ideas, strategies and tools for home owners and real estate professionals to understand and thrive in the “New Boundary Reality”. We are the “voice” of Our key contributor is Chris Kamarianakis, Executive Director of Protect Your Boundaries Inc.

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How easements affect private property rights
You may be king of your castle, but do you have sole dominion over your land? The answer is ‘no’ if your property is subject to easement...
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Title insurance and the new boundary reality
In the early 1990s, title insurance was introduced to the Canadian real estate market, offering lenders, lawyers and homebuyers insurance against title...
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Honesty, good faith & the survey plan
A new development in Canadian common law will continue to play out in the business and legal worlds this year, with significant and far-reaching implications...
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A land surveyor's right to enter
Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors and their staff, working within the Province of Ontario, have a statutory right to enter onto private property in order...
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49% of GTA properties have ‘boundary time bombs’
Approximately 49 per cent of residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area have property boundary discrepancies that could lead to disputes between...
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Get property boundary answers at fall home show
Where are my property boundaries? Where does the fence go? What can I do about a property boundary dispute with my neighbour? If you have property...
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